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Good Reasons for Hiring a Hacker

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Good Reasons for Hiring a Hacker

Owen King, Feb 23,2015




Hacker for Hire 


My First Impression:

What do I need to hire a hacker for? 



 “The business of hacking is no longer just the domain of intelligence agencies, international criminal gangs, shadowy political operatives and disgruntled ‘hacktivists’ taking aim at big targets. Rather, it is an increasingly personal enterprise.”  


Reflection Proper:

Us programmers has its own particular kind of recruitment furthermore has an altogether different occupation employing needs and depiction one case from the article would be modify, detour and others which can be utilized from terrible things if one individual picks it yet of course it can likewise be utilized frame great reasons like in the event that you the proprietor was bolted out from your own particular database. Be that as it may, I was interested that hacking can likewise be valuable for reasons all I know was problematic hacking that is finished by programmers. The creators cite on Richard Stallman “hackers are someone who enjoys playful cleverness especially in programming but other media are also possible” this quote helps me to remember a companion who tinkers and figuring out how it functions all around like a programmer does, then it hit me "interest" it is similar to the origination of learning and how it is shaped until today was a direct result of interest. Programmer's curiousness drove them to make project and/or applications to offer them "some assistance with experimenting" and to extinguish their hunger for learning in their own particular uncommon ways. In any case, likewise expressed in the article that the meaning of a programmer's moves toward something depends on "rationale". For me it is helpful to the business on the off chance that he or she need to utilize a programmer on the grounds that knowing how a programmer supposes you can figure out whether he or she is deserving of trust and having a programmer is to some degree liven and appears as though you are making your organization more grounded and more adaptable. 


5 Things That I have Learned:

1.  Cases of technologically motivated hacking are morally justifiable 

2.  Circumstantially motivated hacking

3.  The goal of a hacker or the hacker’s client is the disruption of the technology itself.

4.  Everything in new cars—from the ignition to the brakes to the entertainment system—is computer controlled.

5.  Manipulating our personal electronic devices that a person might want to hire a hacker


5 Integrative Questions:

1.  How do these cases of technologically motivated hacking ?

2.  How do companies benefit in this long-term?

3.  What are hackers point of view when hacking?

4.  How to find out if you are being hacked?

5.  How does their ends justify their means?



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