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The Black Market of E-Waste

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The Black Market of E-Waste

Paulina Haselhort, May 31, 2013




Manage E-waste Properly 


My First Impression:

what do they do with the e-wastes 



"Dumping incidents such as this have caused several environmental problems overseas" 


Reflection Proper:

Electronic waste or e-waste has transformed into a noteworthy issue to the main world countries. Since at whatever point there are overhauled interpretation of their gadgets/devices, they tend to buy and orchestrate the old one. For sure, even here in the Philippines, despite the fact that we are an immature country, a huge segment of us do similarly. Especially if our devices has started to breakdown due to a couple areas are hurt, we don't generally pass on it to repair shops. By virtue of the reason that it will cost us much higher appeared differently in relation to acquiring another which is boundlessly enhanced similarly as worth and particulars/limits. In any case, what happens to these claimed e-waste? In America, these e-waste are traded to immature countries like China, India, Pakistan, Ghana, thus on with the help of the contraband business sector. Why? Since it will achieve them thrice the expense in case they will endeavor to set up these tosses out diverged from offering them. It is a great deal less costly and it won't achieve any insidiousness to their agents. These immature countries doesn't execute and maintain their common laws, in light of the way that without these their family won't have any wellspring of compensation. Much the same as in the region of Guiyu, one of the greatest e-waste focus purposes of the world, it is at present using 150,000 men, women and children to physically plan contraptions. They endeavor to focus gold, silver and diverse minerals from the circuit sheets and change them into pearls et cetera. Through this they can pick up money by offering them and making cars out of the tosses out that are gotten out. That is the reason we should reliably reevaluate before obtaining new electronic devices and how might we orchestrate our old ones. In case possible, we should offer them to different people rather than tossing them. 


5 Things That I have Learned:

1.  production structure that revolves around creating one-and-done parts that are too expensive to fix

2.  Planned obsolescence has resulted in cluttered landfills

3.  Electronic waste, or “e-waste” for short, is an informal term

4.  E-waste typically contains hazardous materials that are linked to various environmental and health problems

5.  E-waste overseas often do it under false pretenses, claiming that electronics and electronic scraps will still be recycled


5 Integrative Questions:

1.  How can the government handle e-waste properly?

2.  Why do people give in to planned obsolence?

3.  How would people contribute to e-waste reduction?

4.  Why do third world countries buy e-waste or old stuffs?

5. How would the government attain a better e-waste management system?


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