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The Ethics of Facial Recognition Software

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The Ethics of Facial Recognition Software

Holly Richmond, Sep 18, 2013




Face Detection 


My First Impression:

All about the recognition of your face  



 “You can legally record video without consent, unless it violates the privacy rights of others” 


Reflection Proper:

I believe that facial recognition with the plan to recognize terrorists is a smart thought. This ought to be actualized on the grounds that it is hard for individuals to perceive every one of the terrorists. With this facial recognition, it will be simpler for them to catch terrorists who are hiding around. With respect to facial acknowledgment on Automated Teller Machines, I think facial acknowledgment is a smart thought, however regardless they shouldn't mess around with the pin number. In spite of the fact that actualizing facial recognition on this would have some contention with a few individuals. A few individuals don't have room schedule-wise to pull back cash from atms so they ask somebody they trust like their mom or tyke to pull back for them. Additionally those in cash loaning organizations would likewise have a contention with this new innovation if at any time actualized. What's more, according to retail locations, shops or boutiques having facial acknowledgment, I figure that would be somewhat unpleasant. Going inside a shop and everybody definitely knows your data is something I wouldn't have any desire to happen with me. Likewise I don't believe it's that quite a bit of a need. Co representatives ought to simply help their new co worker at whatever point somebody doesn't perceive a client or at whatever point they overlook some data of VIP clients. Furthermore, if at any point I was a VIP client at a sure store, before they store photographs and other information of me in their framework, it would be pleasant and I would truly welcome it in the event that they get my assent first. They ought to know how to regard their client's perspectives and conclusions if at any time they execute a face recognition program.


5 Things That I have Learned:

1.  You can legally record video without consent

2.  You cannot if they are in bathrooms, dressing rooms, bedrooms and other places where you expect more privacy than usual.

3.  Facial recognition software in a threat-free context can even be useful for us non-famous consumers

4.  Facial recognition is far from hacker-proof

5.  No matter what you choose to do or not do, your life exists in the cloud


5 Integrative Questions:

1.  What is the scope of the use of this data?”

2.  What benefit does it serve?

3.  Why are you utilizing an individual’s biometric data?

4.  How many magazine covers they land get some illusion of privacy?

5.  What are the stakes of these facial recognition?





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