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Research, Privacy and Facebook

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Research, Privacy and Facebook

Noah Berlatsky




Facebook status 


My First Impression:

All about the privacy of facebook and research how to tighten security 



 “I find it fascinating that this experiment, the substance of it, is to treat people as manipulable machines– that the experiment suggests that people can figure out an algorithmic way to manipulate others’ emotions.”  


Reflection Proper:

A scientist named Stanley Milgram who directed tests on individuals that have damaged members and brought on them serious enthusiastic pain. In view of him, examinations that will damage individuals are not anymore acknowledged and couldn't be directed any longer today. Individuals have discovered an option approach to research and analysis on individuals and that is the utilization of online networking. One case told in the article is Facebook, wherein they gather data as we clients see on our news sustains. As a continuous Facebook client, this data is something and somewhat new to me and something that I didn't hope to be getting. I don't feel that it is all in all correct to investigate us and channel data without our knowledge of it. That is extremely indecent and exceptionally dishonest. Since I have perused this article, I am presently mindful of what Facebook is doing. This data will help me to abstain from being extremely influenced on the things I see online and attempt to not let my feelings influenced of its substance that much. I won't quit utilizing Facebook, yet I figure minimizing the utilization of it won't do me any damage. I simply would prefer not to be a piece of the clients they probe. I absolutely never need to be controlled by somebody, no one but God can control me, and let me know what to do. We merit something more than this, we don't should be dealt with as things or lab rats, and we ought not be utilized by researchers for their analyses without our insight or assent. 


5 Things That I have Learned:

1.  Facebook routinely controls information without client assent data, or learning. 

2.  people were willing to inflict pain when ordered to do so, demonstrated how the Nazis had convinced people to commit atrocities.

3.  social media has created new ways for researchers to follow in Milgram’s ethically dubious footsteps.

4.  Facebook scientists did do something ethically wrong by experimenting on its users with the intention of producing scientific results

5.  The promise of social media is that it will connect us to each other, and make it possible to share more closely with folks we love and care about


5 Integrative Questions:

1.  Is facebook an account or torture?

2.  What factors go into this?

3.  Should sad or unhappy things be kept from you because they’re likely to upset you?

4.  Does Algorithms get to decide those things?

5.  How is facebook manipulating people?


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