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Copyright in the Digital Age

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Copyright in the Digital Age: How the TPP extends a flawed and harmful policy

David Stockdale, Jan 11, 2016




Copyright your works? 


My First Impression:

all about copyright issues 



 “I Won’t Back Down.”  


Reflection Proper:

The time of PCs and new innovation has given people a huge ability to do anything believable through the web. The web empowers us to impart the world over with individuals we have never even met. It permits imparting and discovering data that we had already just longed for. It gives us the chance to investigate the world in the solace of our own homes. Utilizing a basic PC gives us access to anything we wish and longing. The web permits us to do thing that just a couple of years prior were unbelievable. Every single day new innovation is permitting us to see the world in an alternate point of view. Yet is an actuality that the World Wide Web has made a gigantic contrast in our general public. 

 Despite the fact that the web puts the world readily available, it makes a huge issue for some individuals. One of the significant concerns is the copyright law infringement of individuals who put their work on-line. The way that their work could be effortlessly controlled and replicated without the assent of the proprietor is a noteworthy issue. In spite of the fact that copyrights laws are intended to ensure the privileges of a man's work, it gets to be hard to some degree to implement this law among the web and web clients. certain parts of copyright law, as it exists today, are both unreasonable and maybe even unsafe to society all in all. The issue is not that the whole idea of copyright law is invalid; obviously specialists and makers are qualified for have domain over their own work. It's to a greater degree an issue of the extension and term of that qualification. Does it stretch out to different gatherings, specifically companies that claim to possess such a work numerous years after the first maker's passing



5 Things That I have Learned:

1.  Copyright is largely governed by territory.

2.  International agreements between countries can extend these rules to other territories.

3.  Globalization of markets and dramatically shifted the economic paradigms of entire countries.

4.  TPP has been subject to a plethora of scrutiny and criticism.

5. It is  illegal to share something as innocuous as an internet meme.


5 Integrative Questions:

1.  Does this set of rules and conventions actually serve the public good?

2.  Is our notion of copyright law worth extending to other parts of the world?

3.  Should said violators be criminally prosecuted for merely sharing a file?

4.  Does noncommercial violators of copyright deserve to be held as criminals in the court of law?

5.  Who is really benefiting?


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