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Is Ad-blocking Theft

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Is Ad-blocking Theft?

Holly Richmond, Oct 13, 2015




Block them Ads 


My First Impression:

There are too many ads and we should be able to block them. 



“All of that tracking and data collection is done without your knowledge, and—critically—without your consent,”  


Reflection Proper:

With iOS 9 and as blockers, what you're seeing is Apple's endeavor to completely drive the blade into Google's platform revenues. iOS 9 incorporates a refined searched that auto-recommends content and that can seek inside applications, pulling content far from Google and clients far from the web, it permits clients to square promotions, and it offers distributers salvation as Apple News, within which Apple will display unblockable advertisements.

It is ethical that ads are annoying and disturbing especially when we are in a hurry. I think it depends on the person because it is a choice if he/she would use it. It is important especially right now that we are doing lots of stuffs. It is unavoidable to get our attention on something yet we have the power to decide if we would do it or we do not want to. 

The Apple versus Google battle has never been more warmed or more strained, and Facebook's chance to present itself as the saviour of media has never been greater — through hey-it's-just-about-rate Instant Articles, which will probably be highlighted higher in the News Feed, and enormous things like its massive video activity, which is an immediate attack on YouTube

5 Things That I have Learned:

1.  Ad-blocking initially worked on desktop and laptop computers

2.  In mid-September 2015, Apple released iOS 9.

3.  Finely tuned targeting options go way beyond what people post to the site

4.  You’re supporting them by passively allowing advertisers to market to you

5.  Paying for something you’re used to getting for free is ridiculous.


5 Integrative Questions:

1.  Why shouldn’t you block ads?

2.  How does facebook know what we are doing?

3.  How did they program the pop-up bars?

4.  What is facebooks stand on privacy?

5.  Who tracks all the data collection?


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