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The Ethics of Social News Gathering

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The Ethics of Social News Gathering

Benjamin van Loon, Dec 8, 2015




Gather Rightfully 


My First Impression:

How to gather and citing sources properly 



 “There are ways to be competitive and ethical at the same time."


Reflection Proper:

New advancements are fundamentally adjusting the routes in which we learn, instruct, convey, and are entertained. It is difficult to know today where these changes may lead, yet where they take us matters significantly. How the computerized insurgency plays out after some time will be especially vital for news coverage, and consequently to the United States, since news-casting is the art that gives the backbone of a free, fair society.

accelerating technological transformation has undermined the business models that kept American news media afloat, raising the possibility that the great institutions on which we have depended for news of the world around us may not survive.

The expansion of UGC in news media is a side effect of our way of life's inexorably harmonious association with online networking. The best online networking stages take into consideration a redid newsfeed that adequately mixes current occasions with notices, nourishment pictures,. At the end of the day, our universal newsfeed is an advanced age, individualized development of the broadsheet. In spite of the fact that inside these sustains there is sufficient connection to recognize a CNN feature on Syrian exiles from photos of your close relative's excursion to Denver, the way that these two message one newsworthy and one social have the same visual land gives a false representation of a developing point of reference and desire for UGC and news media: The news must be good, pertinent, and in particular it needs to originate from somebody like us, not them.


5 Things That I have Learned:

1.   The best social media platforms allow for a customized newsfeed 

2.   Media is a byproduct of our culture’s increasingly symbiotic relationship 

3.   Secure permission for the AP to use it

4.   Check the source’s history

5.   Verify the source


5 Integrative Questions:

1.  How does a newsroom with tight resources develop the expertise to make strong ethical decisions about social newsgathering?

2.  What these conversations leave out?

3.  How do we know if what we’re doing is the right thing?

4.  Are they breaking any laws?

5.  How is a social standard newsgathering formed?


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