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Is “ethical smartphone” an oxymoron

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Is "ethical smartphone" an oxymoron?

Holly Richmond, Mar 28, 2016




Ozone smartphone 


My First Impression:

I think that smartphones are important today in each of our daily lives 



“cool and ethical. 


Reflection Proper:

Most people nowadays buy the newest and latest technology  companies and their marketing teams spend a great deal of money to make sure that we’re hungry for the next iPad, Xbox 360 Kinect, or LED TV. like what in this article says whether you like androids iphones or something else , the chance is that you will get a new phones very often , and in this artice it says that one of the reason is that it does break and it will actually , and the reason is why manufacturers trained us or set in our minds that we should upgrade our phones for at least every two years, or if not they wants us to get one sooner , it is actually the goal like if you look at the network companies like globe and smart their plan has a bundled phone with it for every two years in contract with them because the norm today is rapid consumption for better productivity , in this article the fairphone says that it guarantees a better phone for a cheaper price, fairphone says that their phone is for long term use and if consumers can shift their thing to buying a new phone to actually repairing it and keep it for several years then that will reduce the demand and therefore our e-wastes  like what people in developing countries do, but there are still a lot of people who would not change their perceptions of not buying a phone for at least two years becuase in this society having a new phone is like being cool and ethical, to attest those claims is the latest apple product with its compelling status symbol.

The article also tackles the destruction of mining , the articles says that tin mining for smartphones is almost certainly linked to the devastation of forests, farmland, coral reefs, and communities it's difficult to get around mining's decimation, contamination and waste. Controlling it is an extraordinary initial step, at the end of the day, uncommon earth minerals aren't a renewable asset. We have to make sense of what else we can construct cell phones out of and fuse renewable vitality in the event that we need a genuinely reasonable arrangement.


5 Things That I have Learned:

1.  Chances are, you get a new phone fairly often.

2.  Manufacturers have trained us to upgrade our devices every two years.

3.  Rapid consumption is the norm.

4.  The smartphone industry, is based on convincing people to buy a new model.

5.  Fairphone is trying to not only improve labor conditions but also give workers a voice


5 Integrative Questions:

1.  So what is Fairphone doing differently?

2.  Has anything changed in the past four years of phone waste?

3.  Will people still keep it around?

4.  How many people liked fairphone?

5.  What are the advantages of fairphone compared to others?


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