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Is my data more private than yours

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Is my data more private than yours?

Kate Baucherel, Feb 26, 2016




Data Probes


My First Impression:

The data things you are doing can be monitored/hacked by other people.



"Narrow system Directed by us to protect our own people"



Reflection Proper:


Europe and America are both elite countries that have a common desire for privacy , there are difference in the approaches to the protection and sharing of personal data that may not have been significant for the last 2 centuries ,

EU based users uses Cloud based tools for day to day business management, including development environments, Voice Overs Internet Protocols email marketing, community building , client support and sales management tend to be US based

client and contact held within cannot be guaranteed that there is no data breach,  Presently we're managing distinctive security prerequisites from planned U.S. customers who demand we deal with their information inside the under government law, Along these lines, so extraordinary: For any situation, Safe Harbor relied on communicated sureties of uniformity between two distinctive honest to goodness systems and social orders, which from coming about revelations exhibited couldn't be fulfilled. there are many things that needs to be done in doing data or information securities , there is one that collects internet communications from at least nine major internet companies , US described this as a online data from across the world used to be able to protect the people.


5 Things That I have Learned:

1.PRISM, the clandestine surveillance program run by the NSA that collects internet communications

2. online data from across the world does tend to pass through the hands of U.S. internet companies

3. protection of U.S. citizens, therefore, comes at the expense of the rights that non-U.S. internet users expect under their own sovereign legislation

4. little difference in the practical application of data sharing, or data surveillance, state-by-state

5. national security interests may prevail as a general rule


5 Integrative Questions:

1.Why are US and EU laws so different?

2.Why did Snowden Bothered to do this?

3.Will Snowden be able to make agreement or forced convergence?

4.Who made Prism?

5.How was Prism Passed?




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